God, Science and Naturalism

by Albrecht Moritz


Cosmological arguments for the existence of God
A philosophical perspective on findings of science

1. The argument from cosmological fine-tuning
2. The origin of the universe: eternal God, eternal matter or eternal fields
3. Critique of Cosmological Natural Selection
4. The uncaused universe

The cosmological fine-tuning argument for the existence of God

This text contains chapters 1 and 3 from ‘Cosmological arguments for the existence of God’, which deal with the fine-tuning argument and a hypothesis offered as a naturalistic explanation, Cosmological Natural Selection.

How can a scientist believe in God?

Answers to common objections and claims.

"Naturalism is true": A self-contradictory statement

Is it possible, under the naturalistic worldview, to rationally be a naturalist? This article explores the issue.


Evolution and Belief in God

How are the two compatible?